Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Are you reducing your own fertility by using a sperm killer when having sex ?


Infertile couples are often poorly informed about basic biological facts of life , as a result of which they inadvertently end up reducing their own fertility , and end up making themselves infertile !

A common example of this is the use of K-Y jelly during sexual intercourse .

Often, infertile couples are advised to have sex as frequently as possible to maximize their chances of getting pregnant quickly. However, being forced to have baby making sex "on demand" is difficult, because the wife is not adequately lubricated , and sex can become painful for her. This is why they resort to using lubricants to reduce the superficial dyspareunia.

The most common vaginal lubricant available over the counter is K-Y jelly, and this is the one most end up using ,because it's easily available .

However, they don't realise that K-Y jelly is sperm toxic , and kills sperm. This is not something most pharmacists and doctors are aware of either, as a result of which these couples often continue using K-Y Jelly for many months , while trying to have sex in order to get pregnant . They are blissfully unaware of the fact that instead of improving their chances of getting pregnant , they are actually reducing them !

Unfortunately, this is one of the things they often don't share with the doctor , and most doctors aren't aware that their patients are using K-Y jelly as a lubricant .

The good news is that this is an easy problem to solve - please stop using K-Y jelly when having baby-making sex !

If you do need to use a lubricant , the good news is that sperm friendly lubricants are easily available , and the cheapest one ( which is easily available at any chemist ) is liquid paraffin . Liquid paraffin is normally used as a laxative , but please don't drink it !

This is sperm-friendly, and is the same chemical we use in the IVF lab when growing and culturing your embryos.

When you stop using K-Y jelly and start using liquid paraffin and get pregnant , please don't forget to send me a box of chocolates !

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