Sunday, December 05, 2021

We specialise in treating patients who have failed IVF treatment in other clinics

Most IVF clinics prefer to treat patients who are starting their first IVF cycle because they are the people with the best chances of becoming pregnant. Most clinics avoid treating patients who have previously failed an IVF cycle because the fact that they failed in another clinic means that their chances of getting pregnant in their second cycle are lower than someone who is doing their first cycle, and they frequently have an underlying medical problem that is difficult to treat.

However, we prefer to treat people who have had a failed IVF cycle at another facility. For one thing, they know precisely what to expect because they've been through a cycle before. Because they've already experienced failure, they have realistic expectations for IVF treatment. They've learned the hard way that a single IVF cycle's success rate will never be 100 percent. They understand that all an IVF doctor can do is focus on the process and ensure that the therapy is done correctly, because the final outcome is out of their control.

Because they're more informed, these patients are a lot more enjoyable to treat. They ask thoughtful questions that keep us on our toes because they've done their homework. This aids in the enhancement of the care we deliver. They also serve as a standard for us, allowing us to compare and contrast our practises with what they've done in the past.

Finally, and most importantly, they understand why we are superior to other clinics. Patients who are doing their first IVF cycle with us can tell that we are good doctors, but they have no benchmarks to compare us to. Someone who has gone through an IVF cycle elsewhere, on the other hand, understands how much nicer and superior we are. We don't keep people waiting for long periods of time, and we don't have any assistance, so we're really hands-on. We make all of our own decisions, which allows us to tailor the therapy procedure to each patient's unique situation. We're really upfront and transparent with them, and we treat them like responsible adults. We are nonjudgmental and respectful of their own needs and wishes, allowing them to feel empowered and in command.

We make them a treatment plan so they know what to expect, and we've developed applications and educational materials to help them better manage their IVF cycle. Finally, we consistently showed them images of their embryos so they could see exactly what was going on and be certain that they were receiving the best possible treatment.

Only once you've experienced the standard of care at a typical IVF clinic can you realise how unique and wonderful we are!

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