Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Why do IVF clinics refuse to share medical records with their patients ?

Why are IVF doctors so secretive about the medical details of the IVF treatment they provide to their patients?
I often see patients who have failed IVF cycles, and we're quite happy to provide them with a second opinion.
However , it's very frustrating when I find they don't have any medical details at all of what treatment was offered to them.
The big problem is that there's a lot of secrecy about these medical details , and doctors refuse to share this.
I think this is partly because they want to hold on to their patient, and believe that if they don't give them their records, they will not be able to go to another doctor !
This is illegal and unethical. The medical records are the patient's property , and the patient has a legal right to be given these. After all, the patient has paid for their treatment , and there's no reason why doctors cannot give them their records.
If they want, they can keep a copy for themselves , for their data analysis, but they have to give the originals back to the patient. This is a legal liability on the part of the doctor , and any doctor who doesn't do this is a bad doctor.
I sometimes wonder the IVF clinics which don't routinely and proactively provide records have something to hide ? One possibility is that they provide poor quality treatment , and are ashamed of this, which is why they aren't willing to be open and transparent.

What to find an IVF clinic which respects your time and intelligence ?

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