Thursday, October 24, 2019

How to minimize IVF risks

Infertile couples often forget that the biggest risk of IVF is not doing IVF !
IVF patients are understandably worried about some of the side effects and complications of IVF, such as multiple pregnancies or ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome ( OHSS) , but the biggest risk for an infertile couple is that may end up with no baby at all ! Not doing IVF has a huge opportunity cost, and infertile couples need to factor this in.

One way of minimizing this risk is to do IVF, because it's the one treatment option which maximizes your chance of getting pregnant , because it has the highest success rate. By maximizing your chance of getting pregnant, you are also minimizing your risk of not having a baby. 
You also have peace of mind you did your best, so you have no regrets later on in life !

Yes, doing IVF does involve emotional and financial risks, but at the end of the day, it's a good idea taking these risks , because the reward is well worth it !

What to find an IVF clinic which respects your time and intelligence ?

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