Friday, October 04, 2019

Is IVF treatment stressful?

This depends on two important variables - the patient , and the clinic.
All patients who go through an IVF cycle are anxious , because they are concerned whether their cycle will work or not. They aren't sure  whether it will work the first time, or how many cycles they'll have to do , because they know that the success rate of IVF is not 100%. This uncertainty and anxiety obviously makes each cycle stressful . This is especially true of the two week waiting ( 2ww) period, because no one knows what's happening to the embryo which has been transferred into the uterus.
However, those patients who are well informed , and who have realistic expectations, because they have take the time and trouble to understand what an IVF cycle involves, find it much easier to cope with the emotional roller coaster ride, because they know that IVF is safe and effective are

The second variable is the clinic. Some clinics are very hands on , and will provide a lot of personalized attention to each individual patient. We don't have any assistants, and take care of all our patients ourselves. However, most large clinics are assembly line operations, who don't really care about the patient's state of mind . They needlessly add to the patient's stress, because of the long waiting times they subject patients too, and because the senior doctor is never available, and the care is delegated to inexperienced juniors.

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