Friday, October 25, 2019

Hallmark of a bad IVF clinic

IVF patients are often unsure how to select the best IVF doctor, because they all seem very similar.
However, one thing you can be sure about is that if the clinic is putting pressure on you to start your IVF treatment as quickly as possible, then this is a red flag. IVF treatment is elective treatment - and when to do it is a decision which you need to make for yourself. It should be driven purely by personal patient preference. A good doctor will do a consultation; offer you counselling; explain your options; and  give you a cooling off period, so you have time to make a well thought out considered decision.
After all, there are always options, including adoption ! Once you go back home, you can process the information provided; maybe get a second opinion; and talk to other people in your family and get their inputs, if you think these will help .

Sadly, a lot of IVF clinics today are set up with only one intention - to get the patient to start an IVF cycle as quickly as possible , before they change their mind !
This is actually very harmful for patients , because then all the clinic is bothered about is maximizing their income by doing as many IVF cycles as possible, irrespective of whether the patient needs it or not.

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