Friday, September 14, 2018

Why making IVF decisions can be so hard

Sometimes the medical decisions which infertile patients need to make can be very simple , because there really aren't too many options. Thus if your tubes are blocked , your only treatment option is IVF , so your only decision is which IVF clinic to select.
On the other hand, you may find that you have lots of treatment options , and you then need to decide what's right for you. Thus, if you are older, you may be able to get pregnant with your own eggs, but you know that your chances of getting pregnant with donor eggs are much higher .
You are not sure which is the right decision. Should you go for donor eggs, because it has a higher success rate ? Or should you continue trying with your own eggs because you want to transmit your own DNA to your child?
These are not decisions a doctor can make for you - you need to make them for yourself, and they can be very tricky. It can be even harder when both husband and wife are not on the same page , and they disagree with each other . You will have to sit and discuss this thorny issue, until you find a decision which both of you are pleased with.
You need to use your head , but you need to listen to your heart as well, so take your time when making such an important decision !
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