Friday, September 21, 2018

Thank you Dr Malpani - from a proud IVF parent !

Hi everyone , just wanted to share my IVF treatment journey.
I never thought that I will face infertility problem as no one in my family has had an issue with fertility.
We are married for 7 years now and we started our treatment in our fifth year of marriage after trying to convince naturally for two years. Infertility itself is a very traumatic phase , and wanting to be parents is every couple's biggest dream.

We approached many gynecologist as IVF was not a welcome option to us, and we went through many treatments and surgeries, but the end result was disappointment. We were desperate to find a solution to our problem  and were suggested we explore IVF. 
We came across the Malpani Infertility Clinic website and went for a consultation, and meeting the Doctor Malpani couple changed our life all together. Not only did our dream come true , but we were also very educated about the whole process. IVF treatment demands patience , as we had to go through disappointment too.
But our utter faith and patience has definitely got us the happiness we had been waiting for. Now we are blessed with a baby girl,she is six months old.
I had conceived in my third transfer, and the first two failed IVF attempts left me all broken and disheartened . But, as the saying goes , where there's a will there's a way, I kept my spirit up, and went for my third transfer immediately the next month after the failure of my second transfer - and now have a gorgeous princess in my hands ! 
This was my journey from infertility to now being a mommy by the help of IVF treatment.
I would like to especially thanks Doctor Malpani couple for their constant support.
Yes , I would once again like to point out that a few of us have been unfortunate and have not been able to conceive naturally , but science has developed a lot can help couples like us to experience the happiness of Parenthood.
Purabi Vijay Kumar
[email protected]

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