Monday, September 03, 2018

What is a test tube baby ? Common questions from IVF patients

Since I answer a lot of questions online and provide a fee second opinion, I get lots of queries from patients.
I'm going to start answering some of these on my blog, so that other patients can benefit from my answers.
One of the commonest ones include -  What are the charges of a test tube baby? What is a test tube baby? What are the steps of a test tube baby?
A test tube baby is the lay person's word for IVF, and not only can you read an entire comic book about IVF on our site at, you can also get all your questions answered.
Before you start an IVF cycle, it’s very important that you're well informed , and have done your homework, so you have realistic expectations from the IVF cycle.  In a perfect world, your doctor would have the time to answer  your questions, but sadly, this is not true, which is why you are going to have to spend effort and energy in doing this yourself.
It’s well worth doing this, because this knowledge will allow you to choose the right test tube baby clinic, so you don't get taken for a ride !
Need help in getting pregnant ? Please send me your medical details by filling in the form at so that I can guide you !

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