Wednesday, September 05, 2018

The second IVF cycle

There's usually a world of a difference between the  first IVF cycle and the next one.

For the first cycle, most patients are very excited , because she knows that IVF gives her the best chance of getting pregnant and she’s eagerly she's looking forward to having a baby at the end of it.  Yes, there is some anxiety and nervousness , because of all the myths and misconceptions that surround IVF , and she's scared about its side effects. However, because she’s very hopeful that it's going to work, she finds it easy to cope with these. After all , if every patient didn't think the cycle was going to work, no one would ever start an IVF cycle in the first place !

However, when the first cycle fails, starting a second cycle sometimes can be extremely hard . You have learned through bitter personal experience that IVF failure is a reality, and there are no guarantees that it will ever work, even if you do it again. This uncertainty can drive you crazy !

On the other hand , because this is your second time around, you're much better informed and you understand exactly what's involved because of your experiences. You know that IVF is safe and carries no medical risks , which can give you a lot of peace of mind.

Finally, the first cycle can tell the doctor a lot about what want right medically , and what didn’t. He can use this information to optimize your treatment protocol in your next cycle, and thus maximize your chances  in the next IVF cycle. This is why your chances of getting pregnant will progressively improve, the more the number of cycles you do.

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