Saturday, September 22, 2018

How can you find an IVF doctor you can trust ?

The most important ingredient when selecting an IVF clinic is actually an intangible one. It's not how posh the clinic is ; or how big their team of doctors ; or what their success rates are ; or how many ads they pay for in newspapers . It's actually a question of trust in the doctor - does the IVF doctor inspire trust or not?

This depends on intuition and gut feel, and the chemistry between the doctor and patient varies from patient to patient, which is why not all patients are happy with one particular doctor. As a patient, you need to spend time finding the one who is right for you.

The traditional of building trust depended upon a referral, and in the past, patients happily went to the IVF doctor their family physician referred them to. However, this route is extremely dangerous in this day and age , because of the kick-back system which has corrupted medical practice and is so widely prevalent.

A referral by other infertile patients is very helpful - especially if they've had a baby from that clinic,  because that's a living endorsement that the doctor is good.  However, this can be gamed as well, and lots of IVF clinics do unnecessary IVF treatment cycles for young patients who don’t need IVF in the first place – thus inflating their success rates. You need to confirm that the patient who is recommending an IVF clinic to you is well-informed  - just having achieved success is actually not enough !

Using a website to find out what the doctor's philosophy is very helpful as well. Does he take the time and trouble to educate you ? Is the website sensitive to your needs and wants ? Or is it all about the doctor tom-tomming about the celebrity patients she has treated ?
The problem is that because a lot of patients have burned their fingers  with poor quality IVF clinics, they are very reluctant to trust other IVF doctors, because they cannot differentiate between good and bad doctors, and lump all of them in the same bucket  !

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