Saturday, July 14, 2018

Why do patients have such unrealistic expectations of IVF treatment ?

A huge problem today is that corporate IVF clinics have started claiming highly inflated  success rates,  because they want to attract patients. This harms patients, who have very unreasonable hopes of what at IVF clinic can do for them. This is why when their cycle fails they're extremely unhappy and feel they have been cheated. These clinics want to maximize their profits, which is why they strategy is to overpromise – and they end up under delivering.
                                We prefer being honest and telling our patients exactly what their chances are. Unfortunately, this ends up hurting us , because patients can't understand why our success rates are so much lower than all these other clinics on the web. I guess perhaps that's the price we need to pay for being honest.
However, in the long run, this is the right approach, because we've noticed that these patients who fail IVF treatment in their local IVF clinic then come to us for their treatment. This is when they experience a world of a difference in the quality of the care which they get – and they are able to appreciate the difference between a good clinic and a bad one ! 
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