Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How confused IVF doctors mislead IVF patients

A patient sent me this email

I am 35year old  and my wife is 30yrs with type 2 DM,first IVF (ICSI) done 2yrs back under short protocol,got 7 eggs,in that they got three grade 1embryos,transferred all three but failed,second IVF done 6months later in other center under long protocol, got 16eggs,in that they got 12 grade one embryos, 2 transferred but failed, for next month they planned to transfer blastocyst out of 10 remaining embryos but only one morula they got,transferred morula but failed,during these days AMH was 4.5,my sperm motility was 20%,then dr told it could be because of egg factor and suggested for donor egg,so in the same center we tried donor egg last month ,they tried with 10eggs of 2 different donors, but sperm failed to give good embryos, mean while uterine lining was good so they have suggested to go for donor embryo, then they transferred 3 good donor embryos but that cycle also failed (4days back )so total 2 IVF,4transfer failed, first ivf done in out home town and 2 nd ivf at Mumbai,now her AMH has reduced to 2.14 in just one year....can you please suggest us for further treatment, is there any chance to have our own baby? 
This is a great example of poor quality treatment. Everything is being done on an ad-hoc basis, with last minute changes, based on arbitrary decisions being made by a doctor who is not being transparent, open or systematic. The doctor seems to be following a " hit and miss" approach, in the hope that something will click , without any rationale !

No wonder patients get fed up and frustrated, and lose confidence in IVF clinics !

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