Saturday, July 21, 2018

Thank you Dr Malpani !

Fertility treatments for me have never been an easy experience...unnecessary tests, lot of doubts, unsure about the doctors approach, too many strong hormones injected due to an assembly line approach and in the end unsatisfactory feeling.

We have been very impressed with Dr. Malpani's interactive and amazing website.  All our doubts were answered regularly by visiting and writing out our queries on the website. Our beginning itself was so easy and we could feel and appreciate the Doctors' expert knowledge in the field of infertility.

We are blessed with a healthy and adorable baby, on my first try, inspite of my age not being in the 'young' bracket...I am in my mid 40's. Not one day passes when we don't thank Dr. Malpani for making our dream come true. Infertility treatment is not easy ..but Dr. Malpani makes it so easy!

My health is on my side, but if my age too were on my side, I would definitely come back to Dr. Malpani to have more babies.

I wish I had started with Dr. Malpani early and not wasted time.

Wishing Dr. Malpani forever..good health and happiness!!

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