Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The fate of the poorly informed IVF patient

A patient sent me this email

I am married to my husband since 2011 Still now i havent conceived .Nor been pregnant or any abortion happend.I first went to a local hospital near my FSH ,LH,prolactin,and all other hormones are at good level So they said me to try normal.Antral follicle was 5/6 in left and 6/6 in right.We tried for 6 months but it didn't gave result.we went to another hospital.From there I was told that my husbands sperm is with low molitility so when we went for scan found varicocele and husband had varioelectomy for varicocele.after surgery also I failed to conceive. i also had minor fibroid issue but doctors took 3 D scan of utreus and also found it normal.So doctor told me to check AMH when I checked it AMH was 1.3 in 2015.So she insisted me to do ICSI .So we straight forward went for ICSI.First ICSi we got 11 eggs and 9 fertilised out of which 6 survived and they thawed it.they transfered two embroyo at a time but my beta HCG was negative.After this failure they transferred again 2 embroyos but that two failed.My endometrium thickness was 6 mm before medicine.They gave me estrogen patches it failed they gave me Vitamin E that too failed after that they gave me Viagra Then my urteus got thick.They told me to reduce weight My weight was 58 I reduced it to 54 .I had cauterisation for my cervix due to cervical erosion and had  endometrial scratch before ICSI.Also I was adviced to have DHEA for 3 months,Folic acid then vitamin C .Repeatedly went for 2 ICSi after weight loss  with intralip drip 2 day before embroyo transfer and also with embroyo glue and IU HCg.My utreus was 9.1 mm when transferred.this also failed and now they are insisting to do HLT husband leukocyte transfer and also ERGA test then hysteroscopy .Do I need to do this .Will this technique help me to conceive.Doctor I am in depression.I now only have 3 embroyos now .Kindly help me.I Am a very tensed person Do stress effect me badly.

Her quality of care has been remarkably poor ! There is no consistent treatment plan, and she has no idea what's happening, because the doctor has not bothered to share any information with her.

This opacity and secrecy is one of the reasons why patients don't trust IVF doctors any more - and the tragedy is that good doctors also get tarred with the same brush !

This is why patients need to invest in Information Therapy before starting an IVF cycle, to make sure their doctor is credible and reliable, and is not taking them for a ride !

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