Friday, July 03, 2015

IVF success story for Bangalore patient in Malpani Infertility Clinic, Mumbai

We have been married for 5 years and tried for kids for 4 years. We came to know about our issue after going through medical tests. I came across an article written by Dr Malpani while browsing on Net. The article content was very clear, simple to understand and honest opinions were posted (criticizing other un-professional money-minded doctor's methods). Later I went through the whole website to get complete knowledge about IUI, IVF, ICSI, etc.. I realized he is different from others. I sent an e-mail stating my problem and got reply in couple of hours. I could not believe it. I am getting a reply from a doctor for free of cost. We are living in the world where doctors concern every second is to earn money. It is very kind gesture from Malpani without expecting any benefits.

Coming to our problem, we needed to go for IVF. We live in Bangalore, which is far away from Mumbai. We need to take off 3 to 4 weeks leave from our hectic schedule if we need to do IVF in Mumbai. We can manage without taking any leaves/hotel stay if we do in our City. Hence, we decided to do in our City itself. We found a good doctor after visiting multiple famous Fertility clinics here. Our first IVF attempt was unsuccessful. We thought we did not take enough precautions. Second attempt was also unsuccessful. My wife,  a woman who is afraid to visit hospital and is scared of injections) had to take painful injections twice daily for 10 days I cannot describe in words what kind of pain we had gone through when we saw the failed Beta-HCG report. I was dejected. My wife gave all the encouragement to visit Mumbai. I once again sent an e-mail to Malpani after 6 months explaining the situation. I was doubtful whether he would reply back. But I got response. I was amazed and we decided to visit Mumbai. The doctor cleared all our doubts through e-mails. In fact, our mail-exchanges were 48 times. He tries to save everyone's time. He suggested to take care of Lupride injections at home and visit Mumbai only after confirming the follicular growth at a local fertility center. This suggestion saved my office leaves and hotel expenses in Mumbai.

We landed in Mumbai. The hospital is located in Colaba, a historical place with lots of tourist places to visit. I was surprised to see that the clinic is in an apartment building. But it is sophisticated , with whatever is needed. I started admiring the doctor from the moment I met him. He is calm, listens to your problem, very straight forward, won't hesitate to explain you the reality of your situation. He will be to the point. The staff is also very comfortable to approach. He did not prescribe any painful injection to us after Embryo transfer. Everything went smoothly and we got a positive B-HCG report. I just felt tons of burden on my shoulder is gone off in a second. We are very relaxed now. We are going through normal pregnancy process.

I am very thankful to Malpani and staff. I wish him success in all his cases to help childless people. I wish all of you All the Best.  You can send me an email if you need any more information or help.

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