Friday, July 10, 2015

Embryo Donation – Please Help Someone Build their Family

There is no doubt about the fact that IVF can be a life-changing experience for many. Not only is the journey itself one of realization, but it helps couples have the baby they want and this is what matters in the end. Being a parent myself, I have experienced the joys of having a child, first-hand; and being an IVF doctor and having consulted and treated scores of patients, I also know the heartache that comes from not being able to have a child. 

We treat a number of patients at our clinic every month and most of the treatments are successful with couples eventually being able to conceive the babies they yearned for. Even as they bask in the light of this newfound happiness, there is still one issue they have to take a decision on. Once an IVF cycle is successful for a couple, they are on their way to parenthood. But there are bound to be some frozen embryos leftover.

These are carefully stored at the clinic and couples have to decide what they would like to do with them. If they feel that they may want to add to their family at a later date, they can choose to continue storing them; alternatively they can choose to donate them to science or even dispose of them. The better option would probably be to donate them to infertile individuals or couples who want to have a baby.

An Important Consideration

When patients are undergoing IVF treatment, this aspect is not one they even think of or are concerned about. At that point all their energies, emotions and efforts are focused on the success of their cycle. Many patients who come to us also don’t really feel they will need their frozen embryos in the future and embryo donation is one aspect they may want to consider.

Once they overcome infertility as well as the every-present fear in their mind that they may never be able to have a family; couples have much more appreciation and understanding than most people about how generous an act it is to donate their embryos to someone who wants to have a child as badly as they themselves once did.

Embryo Donation-The Process

Most good IVF clinics also offer confidential and anonymous embryo donor services. If you want to  donate your excess embryos, rather than discarding them, please speak with your IVF doctor about the process, the criteria as well as the support and counseling  that the clinic offers

How it Works

When you opt to donate your embryos, they will be placed in the uterus of a woman who has been unable to have her own good quality embryos- this facilitates pregnancy and childbirth. The baby that is born of this procedure becomes the child of the woman who gives birth to it, and you as the donor will have no claim over it.  The legal framework surrounding this particular procedure is still in its nascent stages and in most instances is treated just as a sperm or egg donation would be.

A Noble Act

Despite the fact that embryo donation is undoubtedly a noble act, keep in mind that the decision can be a very emotional one- filled with complexities. It’s also not one you can make in haste. But wouldn’t it be truly an amazing feeling to help another couple fulfill their desire of having a baby?

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