Monday, July 13, 2015

Creating Trust between Funders and Founders

This post is based on my experiences as a newbie angel investor

When founders find funders who believe in their mission, and are willing to back them with money and support ; and when investors find entrepreneurs who are passionate , and are willing to listen to the advice and guidance which they can provide, this can make for a winning combination. The right mix can create magic !

The key ingredient in this relationship is that of trust, which means the founder should believe that the funders have his back and that they will support him through good times as well as bad . Similarly, the funder should believe that the founder is able to focus on the big picture;  is willing to keep the company’s interests foremost during his actions ; and understands the importance of listening to multiple perspectives, rather than obstinately doing what he thinks is right , without bothering about respecting anyone else’s views.

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