Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The unhappy IVF patient

This is an email a patient sent recently , when her first IVF cycle had failed.

I was pleasantly surprised to know that you can see your embryos and even take pictures. That very act creates a connection right before the embryo transfer process itself.

I had my 2nd IVF back in Chennai, Dr. S, and things were out of whack. I had no clue if the embryos were formed, how many were transferred, worst part if the right ones were transferred as the embryo transfer was done for 2 patients in the same room at the same time by her. This is the most horrific experience that I had. And when I asked the embryologist about the environment in which the embryos are formed and how they made sure right ones were transferred, he maintained silence and gave a grim face, which really was very freaky. Later in the cycle I developed UTI with 104F and my cycle failed. I am pretty sure due to unhygienic usage of  instruments. In a way I am glad my cycle failed at that time as I was unsure what was exactly happening, and whether the right embryos had been transferred into me. The whole experience was very unprofessional and scary and has put me off  IVF completely.
That was one of the reasons, this time I wanted to do my own thorough research, especially since I am considering donor egg option,I wanted to be doubly sure of my decision. That's when I started doing research on IVF doctors ."

This patient has learned the hard way that it's crucially important to do high quality research before choosing a doctor.

It's true that every patient does their "due diligence" before selecting a doctor, but often this is done quite shoddily. The key to choosing the right doctor, is making sure you are well-informed about the IVF process; and then " interviewing " doctors ( something which you can do easily by email as well these days), so you can select the one who is right for you. Asking good quality questions, and judging the response to them is a far more intelligent way of finding the best doctor, rather than relying on "reputation" or "word of mouth referral".

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