Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bleeding during pregnancy - is my baby fine ?

Pregnancy can be an exciting time. When you finally see two lines on your urine pregnancy test kit , and your beta HCG blood test comes back as positive, you’re on top of the world that all your efforts and hard work have paid off , and you can now sit back and finally look forward to having a baby.

However not all pregnancies are uneventful and it’s quite common to have spotting or bleeding during a pregnancy . When this happens , you tend to panic. Oh my God , is everything all right ? Am I going to miscarry ? Is the baby going to be defective because of the bleeding ? Am I going to lose the baby ? Will the bleeding harm my baby ?

Your mind starts imagining the worst, and the problem is that there’s very little which you can do about it. The bleeding is completely out of your hand, and you are helpless. The first thing you do is call up your doctor , who usually tells you to rest and relax. But it’s very hard to relax, because you automatically start assuming the worst. Is all your hard work going to go down the drain ? Are you going to lose this pregnancy ? Is everything going to come to naught ? Are you going to prove to be a failure again ? Does this mean that not only can you not get pregnant , but that even after getting pregnant you couldn’t even hold on to your baby ?

When a pregnant woman starts bleeding, it’s important that the pregnancy be monitored very carefully to make sure that everything is fine. The good news is that most of the time everything will be fine . Spotting and bleeding during pregnancy is quite common. It often comes from the uterus or the cervix , and we often cannot even identify its source. It doesn’t harm the baby .

However, when you’re bleeding , it can be extremely scary. This is why your doctor will order both a beta HCG blood test as well as an ultrasound scan to reassure you that all it well. Both of these provide complementary information , and the doctor needs to use both these pieces of information to determine all is well.

It’s important to learn to be able to interpret these results. It’s not that you want to become a doctor, but if you understand what’s happening , and why the doctor is ordering the test,  you’ll be much more at peace with yourself.

Usually a single test result doesn’t tell us what we need to know , and we need to repeat these tests over a period of time to document that everything is well. A well informed patient who understands what the test results mean , and why they are being repeated will be able to understand what the doctor’s plan of action is , and will be much more comfortable .

If you want to make sense of your HCG results and your scans, please visit the website at
www.hcgexpert.in . All you need to do is enter your HCG blood test results and your scan results , and we’ll be able to interpret for you whether your pregnancy is progressing normally or not. 

Sadly, the truth is that not all pregnancies have a happy ending. Some may miscarry, while others may be an ectopic ( tubal pregnancy) .  A failing pregnancy can be an emotional disaster, while an ectopic can be life-threatening. The sooner the diagnosis is made, the better for both you and your doctor. HCG Expert can help you to become a well-informed patient, and reduce the risk of an ectopic rupturing.

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