Saturday, December 06, 2014

Assembly line vs boutique IVF clinics

Patients are often not sure what kind of IVF clinic to choose . They want a clinic which has a high success rate ; which is fully equipped with the latest technology; and where the doctor treats them with compassion and empathy . They are looking for a combination of high technology and high touch – and preferably at an affordable price !

Today, patients often end up choosing between large assembly line brand name IVF clinics. They have lots of patients and long waiting times; and in order to handle these patients , they employ lots of doctors and lots of nurses . There is little personalization, and the patient is often forced to wait for hours on end if they want to see the brand name senior doctor. This means the patient rarely gets to see the same doctor twice – they usually end up having to deal with whosoever the doctor on duty happens to be on that day.

They are not able to establish a personal one-on-one relationship with the doctors, and usually end up feeling that they are being treated as a number. These clinics are forced to follow very rigid protocols,  and they are not able to personalize the treatment they provide.

These clinics have the advantage of being very busy, and because they have large volumes of patients, they are usually well-equipped , and are able to provide a full range of services .

A boutique IVF clinic on the other hand is a much smaller operation . They have fewer patients , as a result of which the care they offer is much more personalized and hands-on. The doctor knows each patient by name, and can tweak and individualise the protocol for each patient’s unique needs. Sadly, some of these clinics don’t have enough experience and expertise, because they don’t see a sufficient number of patients, as a result of which they are sometimes not able to offer the full range of services which the patient needs

It can be hard for the patient to evaluate the technical quality of services the clinic provides. This is why it's important that you do your homework , so you find the clinic which is right for you. If you are the kind of patient who is impressed by super-busy doctors who handle lots of patients, because you believe that the popularity of the doctor is an index of their competence, then you should select a busy clinic where lots of activity . After all, any clinic which attracts so many patients, must be good, right ? Hundreds of patients can’t be wrong, can they ?

On the other hand, if you want a clinic where you are treated as a special human being, and you want personalized attention, then you should search  for a boutique clinic. Your best option is to find a “focused factory” which marries the best of both worlds, because they are fully-equipped, and have all the expertise needed under one roof. They have high success rates, and can provide personalized care as well.

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