Thursday, December 25, 2014

Is my IVF pregnancy healthy ?

Pregnancy is an exciting time for most women . This is especially true for infertile women who have worked hard in order to have a baby . When they finally get pregnant , they are on top of the world and start dreaming about when they will be able to hold their deeply longed-for baby in their arms.

However, women need to be realistic and understand that not all pregnancies have good outcomes . About 10% of all pregnancies ( whether these are IVF pregnancies or made in the bedroom ) will fail. They may result in a miscarriage or as an ectopic. This risk is highest during the first 4 weeks, which is why patients are often on tenterhooks until they see their baby's beating heart on the ultrasound scan when they are 8 weeks pregnant.

The risk of the pregnancy failing is higher in IVF patients. This is because they are older ( and older eggs give rise to embryos with a higher risk of miscarrying because of genetic defects); and because they may have pre-existing medical diseases , such as damaged fallopian tubes, which will increase their risk of having an ectopic pregnancy.

This is why IVF pregnancies are monitored so carefully , to make sure that they're progressing well. The problem is that sometimes this monitoring is not done properly , as a result of which patients sometimes fall in between the cracks. This is especially true for medical tourists, who travel to another city for their IVF treatment). Sometimes these patients may have an ectopic pregnancy , but this is not diagnosed in a timely fashion because the doctor doesn't think of this possibility . The patients may then end up losing a lot of blood if the tubal pregnancy ruptures.

Also, in case the pregnancy is not viable , it's important to make the diagnosis of a failing pregnancy as early as possible , so that it can be managed appropriately , and the patient can be counseled and given enough emotional support during this stressful time.

The good news is that most IVF pregnancies are healthy , and the monitoring allows us to reassure the patient that all is well. However, the mind plays lots of games during this waiting period, and IVF patients can become very anxious until they hear that all is well from their doctor.

A combination of both hCG levels and ultrasound scans is needed in order to make the right diagnosis,  , and often the sonographer doing the scan may not know how to make sense of HCG levels. This can cause a lot of false alarms needlessly.

This is why we created the website , This free website which uses intelligent algorithms in order to help patients make sense of that their hCG levels,  in conjunctions with their ultrasound scan results.

The good thing about hCG expert is that patients can use this tool for themselves . Not only is it free , it also allows us to collate data from lots of patients , so that we can help patients to make a diagnosis of an abnormal pregnancy as quickly as possible .

Doctors can actually refer patients to the website , so that they can figure out this information for themselves . Not only does this empower patients, it also saves the doctor a lot of time , as it’s much easier to counsel actively engaged patients .

HCG expert will allow you to monitor and track your early pregnancy, so you can reassure yourself that all is well, and this will allow you to enjoy your pregnancy !

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