Thursday, December 04, 2014

The responsible IVF patient

Some of my readers criticise me for criticising other doctors. They feel that by highlighting the deficiencies of some IVF clinics, I am washing dirty laundry in public ; and that these lacunae will undermine the confidence which patients have in their doctors.

I think this is unfair.

What I'm trying to do is to emphasize what good doctors do, so that patients can then judge for themselves whether the doctor they have selected is doing a good job or not.

It bothers me when doctors take advantage of a poor patient’s ignorance. Selecting the right doctor makes a world of a difference to the chances of IVF success, and patients need to be well informed, so they make the right decision, and select an IVF clinic which is well-equipped, efficient and competent.  Making a poorly informed decision because of ignorance can prove to be extremely expensive for the patient. Patients can’t afford to leave everything up to chance.

My message is simple - patients need to take personal responsibility for what happens to them - they cannot afford to leave everything up to God, or upto the doctor, and then blame him if the cycle fails.

It's important that patients realize that they do have the power to do lots of stuff which can change the IVF outcome . If they learn to exercise this power responsibly, even if the cycle fails, they can learn from their mistakes , so that they can learn to become better patients , and then seek advice from the right doctor.

It’s OK  for everyone to make mistakes , but repeating the same mistakes and failing to learn from them is unpardonable . Sadly, this is often something I see patients doing . They fail cycle after cycle , without understanding anything . They fail to do anything to change the outcome , and just leave everything up to the doctor, or upto their fate.

While it’s true that IVF failure is often because of bad luck, and one can't change one’s luck, there are lots of things which can be changed , to improve the odds of success. You need to learn to improve your luck by being smart , and you begin to be smart when you seek the right advice from the right doctor.

By taking personal responsibility, you can increase your chances of IVF success !

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