Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why you don't need to rest after your embryo transfer

When an IVF cycle fails , patients often blame themselves, especially when their embryos were perfect. They feel they must have done something wrong, which prevented their embryos from implanting. One woman told me - Doctor, I feel I killed by beautiful embryos ! I coughed right after the embryo transfer and I think they got expelled as a result of this !

The truth is that there is nothing you can do to harm ( or help) your embryos after we have transferred them into the uterus. Bed rest does not help at all - and just adds needlessly to your stress levels during the long 2ww.

This video shows dramatically that implantation doesn’t depend on anything you can do-  or stop doing. Once your embryos are deposited in your uterus, your endometrium takes charge of the rest…
It Your uterus guides your embryos into the best spot!

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