Saturday, August 16, 2014

How do I track my " fertile time " ?

Do you know what this image means ? If you cannot, you need help !

Most couples know that women can get pregnant only at a particular time during their  menstrual cycle - when they are ovulating. However, because ovulation is not visible, most women don't have a clue as to how to track their ovulation.

This is true even for women who are educated. The ignorance which surrounds this topic is mind-boggling !

I think it's because of 3 reasons.

1. Old wife's tales. There are lots of myths about fertility and you can find many of these floating around on the internet. Some people believe that the woman's best opportunity to get pregnant is 5 days after the period. There is no scientific basis for these opinions, which get bandied about regularly on bulletin boards, based on the "personal experience" of the couple

2. The ignorance of the couple. Many couples, no matter how sophisticated they are, refuse to seek help . Not only is it an embarrassing topic, they are reluctant to display their ignorance. They feel that since everyone else in the world knows such "basic " facts, they would lose face by showing that they do not know. They are therefore forced  pick up their information from completely unreliable sources ( such as their girl friend, or cocktail party chatter).

3. Clueless doctors. Many doctors still advise patients that the best time to have sex is 3 days before ovulation - and 3 days after ovulation. They do not know that once a woman ovulates, she becomes infertile ( because her cervical mucus dries up). They also do not educate the woman as to how she can calculate her fertile days. They just tell her that she ovulates on the 14th day. However, this is true only for  women with a regular 28 day cycle. For women whose cycle is not 28 days, the ovulation day is not Day 14 - but they do not teach her how to calculate her personal ovulation date. Even worse, many couples do not even know how to calculate the days of their menstrual cycle. Some believe that Day 1 is the day their period ends !

Many couples who are trying to conceive in their thirties may not have the luxury of time to let nature take its own course. Human reproduction is not very efficient, and for these couples, time is at a premium.

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