Sunday, August 17, 2014

From a happy patient

Dear Aniruddha,

I assume our birth announcement arrived in good order :)

Yes, everything went well, I made it to full term,  38 weeks minus one day and had an elective Cesarean. The boys were still very comfortable in my belly and didn't make any rush to be born, despite of my short cervix.... obstetrics stays a big mystery to me and the doctors...

I did develop diabetes gravidarum during the pregnancy and hence the birthweight of Finn, almost 9 pounds !!! (poor me)
Finn did have some starting issues hypoglycemia, and spitting, but it resolved in a few days.

The pregnancy has been a very very difficult one, mentally as well as physically. It took a great toll on me. I lived from week to week, I was afraid all the time, and bedrest sucks by the way! :) 

The relief is enormous and we feel so blessed! Our family is complete, 3 beautiful children, and one in heaven, forever in our hearts.
After 13 years my IVF journey has come to an end. It's been a rough ride but it enriched my life enormously.

I send you the picture of our little ones, our pride and joy.

Thank you, dear Aniruddha for your guidance in this process. You, your clinic and India have a very special place in my heart. 

I will update my success story as soon as possible :) 

with warmest regards,

Karolina, Peter, Fay, Finnegan and Benjamin

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  1. My hearty congratulations Karoline ! Your LOs brought happy tears to my eyes :) Take care !


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