Sunday, August 17, 2014

Doctors taking kickbacks

Why do doctors prescribe a branded drug when its generic variant is easily available at a fraction of the price ?

NDTV's hidden camera expose proves that doctors blatantly violate this guideline in exchange for kickbacks from pharmaceutical firms.

While sting operations like these are useful in highlighting the black sheep in the medical profession, they can backfire as well.

All this bad press means that even good doctors feel pressurised . They feel unappreciated and unloved. Rather than treat their patients with care, they will start treating them as customers, leading to a worsening of a negative vicious cycle. Doctors will defend themselves by practising defensive medicine - and this will lead to costs further spiralling out of control.

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  1. i have also noticed that a patient who is admitted in the hospital (in-patient) is charged for to medical tests like MRI, CT Scan, Blood test etc MORE than a patient who is not admitted in the hospital (out-patient)


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