Friday, August 29, 2014

Hindi language content for patient education

This is slowly changing. The launch of Devanagari script web addresses on Sunday, allowing people to use  .भारत domain names, was another step in the slow effort to bring about a multilingual Web. Already, Indian languages like Hindi – one of the most commonly-spoken languages on Earth – lag far behind. The move gels well with the new government’s effort to promote the use of Hindi, and its push to increase digital services available to all citizens. The next few years could well see a spurt in vernacular content online.

Health is one of the commonest topics people search for information on. The government should take the initiative and  publish reliable, trustworthy updated information on health and illness for patients in local Indian languages, so they can take better care of their own health.

This would be a great way of ensuring that patients are well-informed; and this will help them to ensure that their doctors are providing them with the right medical treatment.

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