Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why our IVF clinic prefers treating older women

Lots of IVF doctors don't like treating older women because their chances of IVF success are lower and this affects their IVF clinic pregnancy rate. In fact, some will advise donor egg IVF for all women over the age of 40 , no matter what her ovarian reserve is ! It’s quite easy to understand why the dream patient for most IVF clinics is a young woman with good ovarian reserve, because their success rate is so high . This is obviously good for the clinic’s statistics and their league table rankings !

We actually prefer treating older women. The primary reason is that these are challenging patients – and after so many years of experience and expertise, it’s much more fun tackling difficult problems ! Most IVF clinics can easily get a young woman pregnant – but older women are much more difficult to deal with. They need much more personalized attention and careful monitoring , and this is something we take pride in providing! Because we do not have any assistants, all the care we provide is hands-on , and we devote a lot of attention to each individual patient . This is why our success rates even with these older women is much better as compared to the average clinic .

It’s also much more enjoyable treating these women , because they're more mature. They’ve experienced a lot and have a better understanding of life . They’ve often failed IVF cycles elsewhere, which means they are well-informed; and because they've done their homework , they appreciate the efforts we put into treating them. They have much more realistic expectations , and even though they know the outcome of the cycle is not in our hands , they are grateful that we are working hard in order to give them the best chance of having a baby.

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