Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An Uncommon IVF Success Story for a Couple from Bangalore

" On Dr Malpani's website, you may have seen a lot of Success Stories of many Infertile couples, every story is unique,  having it's own feeling, full of emotions and happiness at the end.

But Our story is entirely different from everyone here. We are thankful from our deep Heart for Dr. Aniruddha & Dr. Anjali Malpani and embryologist Mr. Sai (who plays a key role in the Lab), and their caring staff. Dr.Malpani's are not less than God for us!

I'll try to explain in very Brief:

I was in my engg. final year, it was Jan 2008, a tragic bad day for me when I got infected with HIV virus accidentally. My life became a disaster after that incident. I'll not go into details of that tragedy .

I was in deep love with a beautiful girl, and I told her everything clearly . That it was better for her to leave me in my condition as she has a bright future in front of her, and I am infected with dangerous HIV virus. It was was a disaster news for her, but she told she can not think of her life without me, and we were married in May 2009.

Now our biggest worry was I am HIV+ and she is negative, this is called scerodiscordant couples, though we both were fertile couples. I can not take a risk of infecting her, she is everything for me in my life, so how we will get child, as our life was very empty.

I came to know about Dr. Malpani's through internet, web reviews, in 2012 and found that he seems top be probably only Doctor in India who can help us to have a baby by Sperm Washing Technique + ICSI(using a to remove HIV virus from sperm).

We went to them in 2012 July-August, and that cycle unfortunately failed due to low quality of eggs retrieved, but we were very happy by treatment, care and the way they put all their effort to do their best.
Due to that strong belief we visited again in 2013 Nov end. They studied our case and entirely changed the treatment plan (Injection dosage, type etc.) for her, and finally we got 12 mature eggs, 7 embryos, and Dr. Malpani transferred  4  A grade embryos to her.

When we went for Beta HCG test on 26th Dec 13...Wowww...our eyes were full of tears of Joy, it was a miracle for us, technology has given us our own pregnancy. All thanks to great efforts of Dr. Malpani's, it was a tremendous new year 2014 for us.

Today on 25th Jan 2014 she is almost 8 weeks pregnant, that too we have seen twins in scan...woww....a happiness over happiness. Dr Malpani always answers questions regrding, medicine , scan etc.

I advise couples like us who are looking to have a baby to visit Dr. Malpani,  as we know it is a dream come true to us in our empty, struggleful life.  Hope many peoples like us will find it helpful.

We are looking forward to give good news by September 2014 :)"

Mr and Mrs Mishra

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