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Natural Cycle IVF - Procedure, Treatment Plan and Benefits

Natural cycle IVF is a simpler way of doing in vitro fertilization. It is especially of benefit to patients with poor ovarian reserve. These patients have a limited ovarian reserve and do not respond well to conventional superovulation with gonadotropin injections.

Natural cycle IVF or gentle IVF is a procedure done using minimal or no ovarian stimulation. It is a procedure with few side effects; is less expensive; and can be repeated ; and has good success rates over a period of time, in expert hands.  It is important that the patient is treated by IVF specialists who are completely aware of the challenges involved in this type of IVF. The procedure is quite demanding in terms of timing egg retrieval and fertilization of the egg. The procedure will fail if any these factors are not monitored properly .

At Malpani Infertility Clinic, we are expert at ensuring you have the highest chances of success. We have a treatment schedule and protocol that we strictly follow for patients who come in for natural cycle IVF.

1.    We do a vaginal ultrasound scan on day 7. This scan shows the follicular size and thickness of the endometrium which confirms that you have a viable and growing follicle.
2.    When this is confirmed, we start you on a GnRH antagonist medication to avoid untimely LH surge.
3.    We do the next scan and an E2 blood test on Day 10
4.     Once the follicle size is 18 mm and E2 level is 200pg/ml, we give you the HCG trigger shot
5.    The egg collection is done 36 hours later
6.    The egg is fertilized by our expert embryologist and the embryo transfer is done within 48 hours

Another option with better pregnancy rates is mini-IVF.  It involves mild super ovulation to ensure the growth of 2-3 follicles. At Malpani Clinic the treatment plan for mini IVF is similar to natural IVF with some additional medical treatment. The first scan is on day 2 to confirm downregulation and absence of any ovarian cysts. You are then put on Letrozole from day 2 to day 6 and Menogon from day 3 onwards. The next scan is on day 7 and rest of the procedure is similar to the one followed for natural cycle.

Summary: Natural cycle IVF and Mini IVF are safe, repeatable, budget friendly treatment procedures with good success rates in patients with poor ovarian reserve.This is a kinder, holistic approach, which takes advantage of your body's own hormones !

What to explore the simpler option of patient-friendly gentle IVF ? Please send me your medical details by filling in the form at so that I can guide you better !

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