Thursday, January 30, 2014

Managing the Two Week Wait ( 2ww)

During your IVF treatment cycle, once your embryos have been transferred back to the uterus, there is a 2 week waiting period before you can find out if you are pregnant or not . This wait can create havoc in your life. There is a a huge amount of advice and tips about what to do or not do during this period. You are anxious not to do anything which could harm your precious embryos in any way. Your stress levels are sky-high because you want to ensure that everything is perfect , so your embryos can implant successfully.  Your major fear is that you will do something bad which will cause them to get dislodged or rejected !

Someone might suggest a particular diet during this period , while others might have a completely opposite opinion. It is said that having foods like papaya can increase the body’s internal temperature,  which in turn may harm the embryo. There are contrasting opinions about many daily habits like taking a hot bath, riding a two wheeler, taking pain killers and lifting weights. You are likely to be overwhelmed by the quantity of conflicting advice that you get every day. This can exacerbate your stress levels or make you even more over cautious or excessively emotional.

This waiting period can harm your emotional balance. It is normal to be protective towards your embryos but it is inappropriate to be obsessed every moment about the IVF treatment outcome. The fact is that nothing you eat, drink or do will harm the embryo. You can lead a normal daily life even after the embryo transfer . No activity can be harmful to the embryo which is safe and snug and secure in your uterus . Leading a normal life may actually help you tackle the stress better.  Your mind would be occupied in regular work rather than obsessing about the result – over which you have no control in any case.

It is important to understand that IVF is not an artificial pregnancy technique. It just provides assistance for patients who are unable to conceive in the natural way. Fertile women who conceive naturally may not even know that they are pregnant until they miss their period, so they never worry about the 2 ww – so why should you ? . In the same manner, after the embryo transfer , the biological processes of your body continue working perfectly . They will work efficiently on their own and are not by external habits or actions.

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  1. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I have undergone an FET on 17.01.2017, am on crinone 8% gel twice a day since last two days iam feeling itching and irritation in vaginal area like yeast infection (as i previously had) and also lot of cream coming out as clumps and as sticky substance..does it mean dat crinone is not absorbing pls help.


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