Sunday, January 05, 2014

Twice as nice - our IVF success story at Malpani Infertility Clinic

After 6 years of marriage, my husband and I decided to try for children.  Things such as our careers and schooling prevented us from trying earlier.  We felt that starting a family should be easy in our early 30s, since couples much older than us were conceiving naturally and we had no family history of infertility.  To our dismay, we found that having a baby was more difficult than we had anticipated.  Perhaps our plight was not as extreme as it is for some, since we only had 2 unsuccessful years of trying to have a baby.  However, watching friends and family members around our age effortlessly having children made our failure to have one all the more painful.  

    During this time, we tried several things before IVF.  Among these would be 3 rounds of Clomid and also an IUI.  Towards the end of this 2 year period and after discontinuing Clomid, my husband and I actually conceived naturally.  Unfortunately, our excitement was short-lived as we had a miscarriage at 6 weeks.  We realized that we were not getting any younger and indefinitely gambling on natural pregnancy seemed to unnecessarily delay the starting of the family we wanted so much.  The decision to go to Dr. Malpani was an easy one.  This is because my husband's aunt and uncle, in their mid 40s, already had a great success story from his clinic in the form of twins. 

    Right from the start, Dr. Malpani conducted himself in a professional and knowledgeable manor.  Furthermore, he made sure that you are aware of exactly what is happening in any given step of the IVF process.  The nurses and other staff also went out of their way to show that they cared. 

    We were happy to find that after my husband provided the sperm and I provided the eggs, many of the subsequent embryos were of very high quality.  When we implanted our first 2 embryos we were quite hopeful.  Sadly, I soon encountered heavy bleeding and it was concluded through blood test that result was negative.  We were devastated.  We had almost given up hope and began to strongly consider surrogate motherhood and even adoption.  I found myself to be  non-functional due to the shock of the failure.  However, Dr. Malpani was not only a great medical support but an active moral support as he reassured me that one way or another a child will happen for us.  He emphasized that sometimes failures happen before successes in IVF. 

    Prior to our second attempt with 2 more embryos, my medication was doubled.   After the second implantation, I was to remain on the double dosage of medication.  I was told to have blood work done the 12th day after implantation.  The waiting was brutal and frightening.  However, with God's blessing the blood report showed a positive pregnancy.Then at 6 weeks of ultrasound in Mumbai we were able to detect one heartbeat.  Given our past failures, we were still reluctant to get too excited, especially since I was again experiencing some bleeding.  Dr. Malpani tripled my medication dosage and assured me that this type of spotting is possible even in successful IVF procedures. 

    After returning to the US, intermittent bleeding continued and this was quite scary to say the least.  Upon finally visiting my OBGYN, however, we encountered a big surprise.  There were 2 heartbeats found!  We are now several months into the pregnancy and everything is looking normal.  We would highly recommend Dr. Malpani to anyone who is having trouble conceiving.  His method and service are exceptional and we are forever grateful to him for giving us twins. 


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