Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Ideal IVF Patient !

The attitude of the patient plays an important role in successful IVF treatment.

One of the little known secrets of IVF treatment is how much a patient can contribute to their IVF success ! When an infertile couple is advised to have IVF, they move heaven and earth to get treatment from the best possible IVF clinic. Sadly, very little time and effort is spent on thinking about what they can do to maximize their chances of IVF success. A well informed patient can be a boon for the IVF doctor !

A highly qualified competent doctor with an able team is crucial to the success of IVF. The patient can contribute to this success by doing her homework. Doctors respect patients who take the effort to ensure they have glitch-free IVF treatment. At Malpani Clinic, we provide Information Therapy, so our patients can become partners in their IVF cycle. There are some basic expectations that any IVF doctor has from a patient and it is the patient’s responsibility is to try and fulfill these to the best of their ability.

Adequate and reliable information about IVF treatment can go a long way in allaying your worries and doubts. The internet can be a useful source of information, if used wisely. Please take the time and trouble to understand as much as you possibly can about IVF, before you go in for the treatment. This will protect you from fly by night, poorly equipped IVF doctors, and provide a powerful shield against overtesting , medical fraud and unnecessary investigations. A knowledgeable IVF patient commands respect from the doctor.

Please ask any queries that come to your mind , both before and during the procedure. You will be able to go through the IVF treatment cycle in peace, once you receive satisfactory answers to all your questions , because you are confident that your doctor is well-informed and well-equipped. If you choose not to voice your concerns and bottle up your doubts, this will add to the stress of your IVF treatment and reduce your chances of success.

An active engaged IVF patient who is willing to take interest in every aspect of the treatment is better than a passive one. If you show an interest in the procedure , the doctor is more likely to go the extra mile for you. A passive patient often burdens the doctor , who then has to take the responsibility of making every single decision.

The ideal IVF patient has realistic expectations about the IVF process and outcome. She knows how the treatment works , and what her chances of success are. This saves a lot of heartburn in case the cycle fails, and ensures that she can bounce back to normal much more quickly !

Want to become an ideal IVF patient ? Please send me your medical details by filling in the form at so that I can guide you better !

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