Saturday, December 14, 2013

Recall of defective J&J hip implants

The Indian FDA has finally issued a recall for the defective J& J hip implants. This is good news, because affected patients can now be helped,

However, the tragedy is that they have no way of identifying the patients who have received these defective hip implants . This is such a shame !

When Mahindra and Mahindra needed to recall 900 defective cars, they could do so instantly, because they had details of all their dealers and their car owners ! Sadly , the Indian government has no way of tracking which patients still have these defective implants in situ.

Shouldn't J&J have a list of all the affected patients, so they can be proactively contacted and assisted ?

There mustn't be more than 1000 orthopedic surgeons in India who do hip replacement surgery. According to J&J estimates, there are about 2000 patients still around who still have these defective hip implants . How hard would it be to contact these surgeons, and request them to get in touch with their patients ?

This is also such a great opportunity to use social media constructively, to reach out to patients and their family directly, so that those who have had an artificial hip implanted can get in touch with their doctor at the earliest !

What's the point of India being an IT powerhouse and a destination for international patients, if we cannot use simple technology to solve these basic problems  ?

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