Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Our IVF success story at Malpani Infertility Clinic

Today is my 36th birthday and guess what – I have just completed 5 “eventful” months and boy the journey so far has been full of ups and downs but memorable. Here it goes…

Being parents is a dream that all of us cherish! They say having a child at home is like living your childhood once again! But in our case this dream was not so easy in coming to fruition.

Obviously we had question marks in our mind and decided to consult an infertility specialist way back in 2007. This doctor was referred to us by a friend. We met the doctor and he did a physical examination – after which he scared us to the core when he said let's see if you can conceive blah blah blah and mind you , he said all this before doing any routine tests. Trust me we were so sad, (mad!) scared and devastated that we just left this there and went back to routine life –office, home, travel, etc. and did not bother to do anything more in this matter. However, time was passing by and we were yet to be blessed, but we were always optimistic.

In early 2009 another colleague of mine suggested we go and see Dr.Aniruddha and Dr. Anjali Malpani. My colleague’s sister had gone through IVF at Malpani's clinic way back in 2004 and had twins in the first attempt itself. My friend spoke very highly about the husband-wife doctor team and the clinic. Finally in April 2010 we met Dr.Malpani. The first meeting itself was very comforting, relieving and reassuring. The first thing he said you are still young (mind you 3 years back I had met another specialist and he said we are old! I was just 29 and my husband 30). He advised and suggested that we focus on this and give ourselves some more time;  and if we still felt the need to do any treatment , we could come back to him. In case we decided to do so, as a first step he gave us a one page printed document , mentioning all the tests my husband and I would need to do , if we decided to opt for treatment.

We gave ourselves more time again , but there was no success in sight. Finally in December 2010, we did all the medical tests suggested by Dr.Malpani and met him for the 2nd time with the reports. He said all our medical reports were fine and we didn't have any medical problems or issues! That was a relief but then the question was - why then are we not able to conceive? He advised us to take some more time before we go ahead with any treatment. Guys , trust me , this was the first time we had met a doctor who always said that we could try for some more time before taking treatment - and he reassured us that we should be able have a baby!

As advised , we did take more time again, but with no success! In April 2011, I quit my job after 10 years as I wanted to take a sabbatical and we decided to focus on this treatment as our priority. We met the doc, and being as methodical, professional and conservative as he is - he gave us an option to choose between IUI and IVF . He explained the procedure, pros and cons of each and the costs involved.  He made it sound easy, methodical and logical. I had heard that it's a painful and a difficult process, but Dr.Malpani clarified all my doubts and misconceptions.

Finally in July 2011 we tried our first IUI cycle and then again in September2011, but in both the cases we could not complete the cycles as my body did not respond very well. In January 2012 after a lot of deliberation we went ahead with the first IVF cycle. All went well except that I did not conceive. But what came through very clearly from the cycle was - IVF is not painful. You can follow your regular daily routine doing during the cycle - except that you have to take rest for a few days so after the embryo transfer. Trust me , the only pain you experience is mental and emotional – thinking whether the cycle will successful or not! And as humans that's unavoidable!

With all the support and words of encouragement from Dr Malpani, we quickly recovered from this setback. We gave ourselves a break for a few months and went for our second IVF attempt in July 2013. On all the trips to the clinic, we encountered heavy downpour, bad traffic, etc. but all the effort was worth it because finally on Aug 16th 2013, the beta HCG test confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. As suggested, we repeated the beta HCG test twice and everytime the test confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. We were elated and over joyed. Finally, we went for our first sonography which confirmed that I had one baby. During the IVF procedure, 3 embryos were transferred, of which one was on its way to become a healthy baby!
Unlike most other doctors that we have interacted with for all kinds of routine medical issues, we have found Dr.Malpani systematic, organised, and tech savvy. He believes in written communication and stresses writing him an email is better as compared to verbal conversation for absolute clarity. Dr Malpani advocates and practices patient education. Staff at the clinic is well trained and make you feel at ease. They are always ready to help and answer your queries.

Dr.Malpani's scope of services ends with the IVF procedure, but we are still in touch with him and consult with him on various pregnancy related problems that I have been encountering over these five months. And even now the response to my email and phone calls is as prompt as it was when we were undergoing the infertility treatment.

We still have some distance to cover to reach our final goal post. However, we hope that with the blessings of god, the dream will soon be a reality. Will come back soon with more updates!

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