Friday, December 20, 2013

The cost of not doing IVF

Everyone know that IVF is an expensive treatment , and this is one of the reasons they are so unwilling to do it. The fear is that if I spend that much money, and then don’t get pregnant, all my money will have gone down the drain ! While it is true that IVF is costly , one of the things you need to factor in is the cost of not doing IVF !

You pay a price for every decision you make in life , and not all these costs are financial. When you choose to do IVF, it’s fairly straightforward to figure out what the cost is going to be . These are primarily the medical expenses of the treatment, along with the possible emotional cost if the cycle fails . However, if you do have the option to do IVF, and then refuse to do it, the cost you pay will be the opportunity cost – the regret , when you are older and are looking back at your life, that you didn't give yourself the best possible shot at getting pregnant . By failing to do IVF , you deprive yourself of the opportunity of making use of the most advanced medical treatment option, which offers the highest chances of success.

While there are many poor couples who just can’t afford to even think of doing a single IVF cycle, there are many who don’t do IVF , not because of the financial hurdle, but because of all the horror stories they have heard about the treatment ( for example, myths that the hormonal injections make you fat; or that the risk of ovarian cancer increases because of the superovulation).

When they finally do their homework and realize that IVF is a safe and effective treatment ( for example, when one of their friends has an IVF baby), they are the couples who pay the steepest
price , because they realize ( too late !) that they chose not to do IVF for all the wrong reasons. Living with this regret can be very hard !

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