Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How to Choose an IVF Specialist Best Suited for Your Needs?

An IVF patient often has a hard time when she has to select an IVF doctor. There are so many choices , which is why there are millions of doubts that run across her mind while trying to select the best specialist. The success of the IVF treatment is highly dependent on the right patient-doctor chemistry. Once the patient is completely satisfied with her doctor, she can be comfortable during the procedure. Since IVF is a complex and intricate and demanding treatment, it is important that the patient be able to trust her doctor completely.

There are many methods patients adopt when hunting for the right IVF specialist. The most common among them is asking their relatives, friends and neighbors. She trusts them, which is why a doctor recommended by them will often be her first choice. A family doctor’s recommendation is also influential, but may not always be reliable in this day and age of kickbacks and referral fees. More savvy patients will do a Google search , but this can also be misleading because the sites are often so similar. 

At the time of the first consultation, the patient is unsure whether or not she can trust the doctor. She needs to know that the doctor will be available to hold her hand during her IVF journey; and whether he will be able to provide her support before, during and after the procedure. Some of these patients have experienced bad doctor relationships when they have failed IVF cycles in the past. They need to be reassured of the effectiveness of the treatment and the competence of the doctor. At Malpani Clinic, we make sure every patient receives personal attention and we do our best to address all her concerns . This ensures that the patient is happy with us – and this helps to keep us happy as well ! .

The doctor should take efforts to reduce a patient’s nervousness by being accessible and friendly . This is something I do personally – a consultation is too important to leave up to an inexperience  junior or an assistant. It is much easier to establish a rapport when patients come for a consultation. I can give them enough time so we can get to know each other well.  What about follow on questions ? Most patients want to phone the doctor to get their doubts clarified, but this is not a very efficient way of solving problems. The best way to communicate with your doctor is by using email. I prefer this as emails are written , which the patient can access whenever she wants. I can also address every concern in detail.

Finding the right doctor is a challenging task, but doctors like Dr. Malpani are taking efforts to make this easier for the patient.

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