Thursday, June 13, 2013

I am an embryologist and I love my job !

Dr. Saiprasad Gundeti, Chief Embryologist, MALPANI INFERTILITY CLINIC PVT. LTD.

I am a Clinical Embryologist and I love my job. Every day, I get to help infertile patients and guide them through the challenging process of IVF, so they can hold their deeply cherished babies. I love using my science background and my spatial skills in performing what is a very demanding and technically exacting hands-on job.

What I do is an essential part of providing IVF services to infertile couples. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, I am involved in collecting the eggs, preparing sperm, checking fertilisation ,growing the embryos, transferring them; as well as freezing and storing them. The services I provide are directly linked to the success of IVF procedures - and how well I do them will determine the success rate of the clinic.
I am privileged, because I have the opportunity to see the joy in patient's eyes, when they see their embryos for themselves ! I also have provide patients with a shoulder to cry on ( for example, when their eggs fail to fertilise) - and I have a ringside view to the entire gamut of human emotions - joy, despair, hope and sorrow - and all this in a single day !


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