Monday, June 17, 2013

Why do IVF patients feel the doctor cheated them when an IVF cycle fails

When the cycle fails, IVF patients are understandably upset and angry and they need to vent their frustrations on someone. There are only 4 possible targets. They can get angry with themselves and curse their fate; they can curse God, for not giving them a baby; they can blame their spouse, for not supporting them ( for example, by not agreeing to do IVF when she was younger and had a higher chance of success) ; and, finally, they can get upset with their doctor. The doctor is an easy target and there are many reasons why patients will feel angry and cheated when an IVF cycle fails. Some of this has to do with the patient, and some has to do with the doctor .

Thus, when doctors sign patients up for IVF treatment, they are often overoptimistic because they are in "sell" mode. They promise the earth and the moon and talk glibly about their high success rates and how good their facilities are.


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