Friday, June 07, 2013

Embryo transfer - mechanics versus biology

Patients have lots of doubts and misunderstandings about the embryo transfer procedure and I'll try to dispel some of these.

We need to understand there are 2 separate components to embryo transfers. One is the mechanical procedure of physically putting the embryos back inside the uterine cavity through the cervix , using an embryo transfer catheter . The mechanics of an embryo transfer procedure are fairly easy and straightforward . It usually just takes a few minutes to transfer the embryos , and this is something which is performed routinely in IVF clinics all the time . A good IVF doctor is skillful. He transfers the embryos gently , and because he's patient , he ensures that little damage is caused either to the embryos or to the uterus. When doing this procedure , he need to be gentle and deliberate. Interestingly, even though it seems to be very simple straightforward procedure , there is a marked difference in the pregnancy rates amongst doctors who do the transfers . There are some doctors whose success rates are nearly 3 times as high as others , even though they work in the same clinic, and seem to be performing exactly the same procedure . We still do not understand why there is such a marked difference, but this is why it's a good idea to find a highly experienced doctor ! Doctors have tried improving the results of embryo transfer by doing the transfers under ultrasound guidance , so the doctor knows exactly where he is depositing the embryos, but whether this actually helps in experienced hands is still controversial .


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