Friday, June 14, 2013

Which is the best medicine for increasing a low sperm count.. ?

One of the commonest requests I get is - Doctor , I have a low sperm count . Which is the best medicine to boost this ?

They try to manipulate their diet and their lifestyle , with the hope that something will work. Popular interventions include:
Cold water showers
Boxer shorts
Sexual abstinence
Lots of almonds ... it's a long list !

There are lots of myths and misconceptions about low sperm counts . Let's try to dispel these one by one.

Firstly, lots of men think they have a low sperm count , when in fact they don't ! This is because labs are extremely unreliable - and there are still many labs which report normal sperm counts as being more than 60 million per ml ! This means that a man who has a sperm count of 30,000,000 per ml ( which is completely normal) starts thinking that he's infertile because of a low sperm count ! infantile. However, the WHO has defined a normal sperm count as being more than 15,000,000 per ml - and if your count is more than this, and if your motility is normal, this means your semen analysis report is normal and you do not need any treatment at all ! Not only is this something lots of men don't understand , many gynecologists are also still not aware that normal ranges for sperm counts have changed so dramatically over the last few years, as our understanding about sperm physiology has improved . This means that a lot of men who seem to have a low sperm count actually have a completely normal sperm count and don't need treatment at all !


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