Monday, June 10, 2013

The 2 week wait and IVF

Will my symptoms during the 2ww tell me whether I am pregnant or not ?

During the 2ww ( 2 week wait, from embryo transfer to the pregnancy test) it is very natural to wonder about the fate of the embryos which are transferred to the uterus. Every woman who has had an embryo transfer longs to know the outcome of her IVF cycle. Every minute of the 2ww lasts an hour - and the 2ww is the longest wait for any woman who has undergone IVF.

When going through the 2ww, women become aware of even the slightest change that happens to their body. " I am feeling warmer than usual; I have a tingling feeling in my breast; my nipples are sore; I could sense a muscle being pulled in my pelvic region; I have a strange vaginal discharge; I urinate frequently; I feel nauseous - does this mean I am pregnant ?" This is the question that lingers in the mind of every woman - whether they explicitly acknowledge it or not . This can be made worse by a worried spouse who solicitously asks every day - How are you feeling ? Many women constantly surf the web to read about the 2ww symptoms of women who got pregnant after an embryo transfer. Although this can make the 2ww interesting , and can help some women to cope with it, many women start to panic too when they do not experience any symptoms . Others start imagining that they are pregnant of if they have any of the about symptoms. Are there really any symptoms which could tell you whether you are pregnant or not , before taking a pregnancy test ?

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  1. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Dear doctor, I have gone through your blogs and i find them to be very helpful. Thank you for all the info you have posted on net. 
    I am 32 year old and going through infertility treatment. Me and my husband have recently gone through an IVF process. My ET was done on 7-June-13 and am still in 2ww period. We have done 3 embryo transfers however doctor said only 1 was A-Grade.
    As per my subscription I was suppose to take Augmentin625mg  for 5 days and wysolone for 6 days , By mistake I took Augmentin 625mg (twice daily) and Wysolone 20mg(once daily) for 10 days . This came to my notice today only and am realy worried about the negetive impact this may hold on my IVF cycle. My doctor is telling me to relax and not think too much about it. Pls advice and tell me about all the adverse consequence

  2. Anonymous3:09 AM

    Took clearblue digital hpt 11 days post embryo transfer and it says pregnant. Had 10000 iu of novarel on 15th of July. Egg retrieval on the 17th and et on the 20th. I was on follistem, ganerelix,chrinone. Received 12 eggs 10 fertilitized. Transfered 2 excellent embryos. I'm 23 yrs old with mild Pcos.

  3. A positive HPT is a good sign and suggests you are pregnant

    You can confirm this by doing a blood test for HCG


  4. Hi doctor I am taking injection lupride for embryo prolactin levels are very low ie 0.48 at day 3 with reference range 3 to 28. My doctor told to repeat test on day 10. Is there any problem with my low prolactin levels. Besides I am having pcos

    1. A low prolactin level will not affect your IVF treatment

      Are you on any meds to reduce it ?


  5. Thank you doctor. Took cabergoline last month following egg Collection as a preventive measure for OHSS along with calcium gluconate and albumin.


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