Tuesday, September 04, 2012

IVF success story for an infertile couple from Dubai

Our story is that of any ordinary couple anxious to have a baby, we had been married 5 and a half years at that time.

We live in Dubai, and had been trying to have a baby for the last 3 years, the many failed cycles kept us wondering what was wrong with us and we started the investigations with various doctors in Dubai one after the other. In January 2010, got IUI done at one of the clinics in Dubai with a positive result, but miscarried at 6 weeks with a suspected ectopic pregnancy.

2 months hence stork came calling once more, this time I conceived naturally, however the pregnancy turned out to be ectopic (in the left tube) for which I had to undergo a surgery where they would have had to remove one of the tubes. We were told to not to rely on the tubes anymore and the best bet for us would be to go in for an IVF.

My husband started his research and we zeroed in on Dr.Malpani, after having read many  testimonies, we came across one which was of one of the couples from Dubai who had undergone the treatment with Dr. Malpani and they had only good things to say about him, his wife and the staff at the clinic.

We packed for Mumbai in June 2011 and met Dr. Malpani at his clinic. We were greeted by his cheerful staff, already felt quite at ease and to top it Dr.Malpani was quite reassuring as well given that I had been able to get pregnant twice before.

We started the preliminary treatment and he said we would only know the real situation on Day 9, when we had to have the scan, as he called it “the moment of truth” day. Which it truly was as we were told that I wasn’t responding to the medicines as well as he had expected and gave us the reality check that even if we went ahead with the treatment it would not bring in assuring results and that we should wait 3 more months and weigh our chances then. His honesty and our best interest affirmed our belief in him and we decided to follow the course he suggested. I was put on medication for 3 months and we were to return on October.

We started the treatment again and this time we were quite hopeful, although he kept reminding us to be practical ad take each day as it comes.

This time we went ahead with the complete treatment and it worked!! I got pregnant and had twins!! Can’t begin to explain how thrilled we are and very very thankful to God, Dr Anirudh and Dr Anjali Malpani for all the support they have given us, be it prompt responses over emails or providing support at the clinic in times of stress. The staff is simply great and very helpful and understanding.

Thanks Dr  Malpani for bringing the joy to our lives the hope of which we had almost given up.

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