Thursday, September 20, 2012

IVF and unrealistic expectations

Every patient who starts an IVF cycle does do with the hope that it will be their first and last cycle. IVF represents their last hope ; and they understand that this is the one technology, which maximizes their chances of getting pregnant – it is often the court of last resort, on which they bet all their dreams ( and often their last rupee) . However, not only is IVF expensive, it also causes a lot of emotional distress, which is why everyone wants their IVF cycle to be successful .

This is a perfectly rational and reasonable hope, but this sometimes sets up unrealistic expectations , which can cause a lot of grief , not just for the patient , but for the doctor as well. If patients have unrealistic expectations , and the cycle fails , they are often not able to deal with this failure if they have not been adequately counseled which is why they will often vent their anger on their doctor. Many patients who fail IVF will blame the doctor and end up believing that the doctor was incompetent; or did not do a good job .



  1. Truly a great post! I hope every IVF patient and doctor reads this : )

  2. I had never heard about these things before but after reading your post I really get whole idea about IVF cycle.


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