Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IVF ( PESA-ICSI) Success Story for man with absent vas deferens

We are a couple from Hyderabad .I am 37 years and my wife is 32years.We were married since last five years.She can not able to conceive because of my infertility problem ( absent vas deferens).  We suffered a lot mentally .I was in touch with Dr Malpani since last 3 years by email.Even though we never visited their hospital he used to give online suggestions regularly.As I am working in Hyderabad and at that time it was difficult to get the leave we thought we will go for the treatment in Hyderabad itself.So We visited a clinic in Hyderabad and they said that the only way is to go for IVF and they said that we will definitely get the success if we opt for 3 cycle scheme.We also spent a lot of money on various medical tests.We opted the same and went for the treatment.Every time they said this time it will be successful.But all the 3 times the result was negative and we lost all our hopes and come to the conclusion that it was not possible for us to enjoy parenthood.

By that time as last try we contacted Dr.Malpani over the mail and took an appointment and went to Mumbai.In our first meeting itself he gave a very good confidence of success.Their treatment is very simple and the only tests they did were a scan and a blood test.He told that us definitely she will conceive but it is not possible to say in how many chances.We opted for the 4 cycle money back guarantee scheme.To our surprise he said he will give in writing that if we do not get the success he will refund all the money.By that word itself we came to a conclusion that we are going to hear a good news as no clinic any where gave that assurance.He also gave the same on a stamp paper in writing.

Finally we went to the clinic in November 2012.To our surprise we got 23 eggs of which 14 were mature. We got 13 embryos of which 9 embryos were A grade.Dr Malpani is very transparent and he showed our embryos to us and also gave photographs of embryos.They transferred 3 and froze 6 embryos.We waited for 15 days which is a very long wait for us for the 1st BETA HCG test.But it turned to be negative.We were in shock for 3 months and we were in a dilemma that even after getting good embryos , why did it fail . After that , due to my professional commitments , we went out of India for 2 months.

Again we visited the clinic in July  2012 for the frozen Embryo transfer.It was done successfully under ultrasound guidance and I was present during the ET . We did 1st BETA HCG on August 11 and it was positive with the value 584.5.We do not have any words to express our happiness. This was the most memorable moment of our life after waiting for a long 5 years.We have done our 2nd beta HCG on 17th Aug in which the count was 2995 and 3rd on 20th which count was 9445.

On 20th August we did a scan and we were delighted by the Scan report in which they confirmed we have twins. My wife is now in the 8th week of pregnancy

The staff also cooperated us very well and gave a lot of confidence. At Dr Malpani's  clinic we got very good quality embryos , which enhances the chances of pregnancy.

I would like to convey thanks one and all the members of the Dr Malpani clinic for their support during the time of depression

Mr and Mrs Rao

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