Friday, September 28, 2012

IVF as an option

Even though I am an IVF specialist, and know that most patients who come to me do so for IVF treatment, whenever I see a new patient, I always emphasize to them that IVF is just one of the options which is available to them for building their family.

I explain that no matter what their medical problem is, they always have four options to choose from – 2 nonmedical options and 2 medical options . The 2 nonmedical options are : child free living ( when they choose to decide not to have a baby ); and adoption ; and the medical options include IVF ; or third-party reproductive options ( such as donor eggs or surrogacy). ( Actually, there are 3 more non-medical options I should include for the sake of completeness. These are: continue trying in the bedroom; get remarried; and seek divine intervention , something which  I am sure lots of infertile couples do !)


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