Friday, September 21, 2012

How freezing all your embryos improves IVF pregnancy rates

Traditionally , we have always transferred fresh embryos in the IVF cycle. Basically, we would select the best quality embryo(s), and transfer this, with the hope that this would implant . If there were spare( supernumerary ) embryos of good-quality , we would then freeze these; and then transfer them in a later cycle, in case the fresh cycle failed. The transfer of frozen embryos allowed us to maximise the  chances of success.

 Interestingly , lots of clinics are now observing that the pregnancy in frozen cycles seems to be better than with the fresh cycles ! While this may seem counter intuitive, there are multiple reasons for why this is so. For one, our technology for freezing embryos has become much better, because we are using vitrification . As a result of this, 100% of embryos survive after the thaw, if the embryologist is experience and has the required expertise. Even more interestingly , these embryos have a better implantation rate, because the endometrium ( uterine lining) receptivity is much better in frozen cycles as compared to fresh cycles. In a fresh superovulated cycle, our focus is on growing many eggs.


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