Friday, May 06, 2011

Searching for health information - why google is not always a good idea

It's become a knee jerk reflex for most people to use the web when they have a medical problem. They need information, and it's quite logical that the internet is the first place they turn to ( most people live in nuclear families and don't have a family physician, so they can no longer tap into the insights of their family doctor or the wisdom of their grandmother).

While the web is a great source of health information, unfortunately, using google to search for information is not always a smart thing to do. This is because while google is a great search engine, it's not always good at helping you to find reliable information. Google finds lots of stuff - but a lot of it is poor quality garbage - and google is not smart enough ( yet !) to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff !

For health searches, quality is far more important than quantity ! You do not need hundreds of search results - you just need one page of reliable, trust worthy, updated, easy to read information !

This is where the Healthwise Knowledgebase comes in ! Try searching google for any health problem - and then try searching the Healthwise database - and let me know which is better !

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