Tuesday, May 10, 2011

After the IVF 2 ww !

We normally do a blood test for HCG 2 weeks after the embryo transfer to find out if the embryos have implanted and if the cycle has been successful or not.

This can be a very long 2 weeks , and many women will start doing pregnancy tests 5 days after the embryo transfer.

The problem is that even if the embryo has implanted and you are pregnant, the embryo produce such small quantities of HCG for the first few days after it implants ( remember that it's just a microscopic ball of about hundreds of cells or so at this time), that it's not possible to detect this HCG in the blood . To be able to detect the HCG in the urine will take even more time, which is why you need to be patient.

Of course, many patients will cheat :) - and this is an email I got from a patient today. A picture is worth a 1000 words, and this image clearly shows how her pregnancy tests have now become strongly positive ( C stands for Control and T stands for Test). The stripe on C means you have done the test properly. Once the stripe on T shows up ( is positive) , this means you are
pregnant !

She's now ready to start her baby album !
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